To protect the integrity of the system, and prevent false activations, the FCC prohibits the use of actual or simulated EAS/WEA tones and attention signals outside of genuine alerts, tests, or authorized public service announcements, especially when they are used “to capture audience attention during advertisements; dramatic, entertainment, and educational programs.” Broadcasters who misuse the tones may be sanctioned (including being required to partake in compliance measures) and fined. 

A “simulation” of the EAS tones includes not only recordings of actual EAS Codes or Attention Signals, but also sounds that mimic or are substantially similar to them, such that an average listener could reasonably mistake the sounds for an actual EAS code or Attention Signal. 

In addition, general alarms or other loud noises, including bells, klaxons, police, fire, or civil defense sirens, while not considered “simulations” of the EAS tones, are also prohibited as they may contribute to false or fraudulent communication of distress.  

Compliance to these policies are required as a contributing producer to RadioAccess.

We also strongly discourage producers from using simulations of vehicle horns, beeps, or traffic sounds you hear while driving. These sounds can be distracting and potentially dangerous.

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